Ziggy the Ocelot is Fit for her GPS Radio Collar

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NTOTA is pleased to share the news that Ziggy, the Re-Wilded Ocelot, has been successfully fit with her GPS Radio collar, in preparation for her release into the wild.

After capturing Ziggy in her large Re-Wilding Enclosure, she was sedated and given a full medical work-up.  The GPS Radio collar was carefully adjusted to fit her petite neck, and she was re-released back into her Re-Wilding Enclosure.  It is important to keep Ziggy under close observation during these first few weeks after her collar has been fitted, to make sure it is functioning properly and that it fits her well enough to be secure, but not so tight that it is constrictive.

When everything is confirmed to be correctly working and comfortable, Ziggy will be released into the wild where the GPS Radio Collar will allow the BWRC to keep an eye on her from afar.  The collar will automatically fall off as a release mechanism on a  timer activates in about a years’ time.  At that point, Ziggy will be 100% on her own in the wild, with no watchful, caring eyes looking on from the distance.




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