Guard or Care for Scarlet Macaws


FCD Rangers guard, rescue, and care for Scarlet Macaws and their rescued chicks with help from BWRC.  Both efforts are essential to preventing total extinction.  And you can help, volunteering as a Scarlet Macaw Ambassador. For more information about FCD opportunities click HERE and apply for internship opportunities with BWRC here.


Support FCD Rangers & Feed Rescued Chicks


Donate to the Nature Trust of the Americas’ fund specifically dedicated to protecting the Scarlet Macaws of Belize. Your donation will aid in vital conservation initiatives, including habitat preservation, monitoring, and community engagement. Help save the Scarlet Macaws by contributing to this fund.


Spread the word through social media or old school by talking to people!


Raise awareness about the Scarlet Macaws using your social media accounts.  Share the movie, photos, the story of the macaws with your friends and family, and encourage them to join the cause. Utilize the hashtags #ScarletMacawsofBelize, #SavetheMacaws, and #SaveBelizeMacaws to reach a wider audience and help create momentum.