The inspiration….

A few years ago, a good friend inspired me to take a hard look at what humans were doing to the planet.  I was shocked, I was living in a bubble, I had missed how we were destroying the place where we live. Now when traveling I see nature struggling to survive the impact of humans: the toxic mix of chemicals, sewage and garbage that the rivers of Florida dump into the Biscayne Bay killing millions of fish; plastic strewn beaches which poison and choke sea life; illegal logging and clear cutting of the forests of Belize and Brazil reducing vital carbon sinks as well as habitat for jaguars and wildlife… just a few examples.

I am an optimist and I feel it is not too late to save our beautiful earth. The plan is to use our experiences and resources to help people discover a love and respect for wild places by connecting them to Nature.

The sale of my company enabled me to retire and concentrate on my other passion: doing something to help the planet.  My wife, Rebecca, and I saw the need for an organization that supported environmentally focused charities, we started our own environmental foundation, Nature Trust of The Americas (NTOTA). A trust fund was created, and the income earned from investments will be used to cover all the running costs as well as donations to projects that reflect the vision, mission and values of NTOTA. 100% of funds raised will go to support the missions and causes of the conservation groups endorsed by NTOTA.

Our dream is that the foundation flourishes and we convince other people to join our quest and passion for the wild.

Best regards, be safe, and happy tree hugging,

Mark Wilkins

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Nature Trust of the Americas
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