What does NTOTA do with the donated money?

NTOTA uses the funds that are donated to help the selected causes.  This means, among other things, we buy satellite tags to study sharks, we buy formula to feed Scarlet Macaw chicks who were rescued from poachers, we fund the re-habilitation and re-wilding of a Puma.  Check out our How We’re Helping page for more information about how your money goes directly to help these worthy and hard-working causes.

As an organization, we feel lucky to have created a monetary trust that can cover our very modest operating costs in perpetuity.  Additionally, the trust also accrues money from investments that we also give away to the selected causes.  

We give 100% of donations as well as money from the NTOTA funds away.  We love giving money away.  🙂

How did NTOTA start?

Please check out the About Us page for a longer, more colorful origin story.

But long story short, Mark Wilkins, successful business person, wanted to give back to the planet and help people working to save the planet.  He took some money and started NTOTA, with the aim of giving the money away and encouraging others to join us and help also.


Do I have to create an account to donate?

Yes, you need to create an account to donate.  


Why?  So you can see your donation history, so you can modify your donation if it is recurring, so you can obtain copies of your receipts should you need them.  We want you to know what’s happening with your money.  No mysteries if we can help it.

How do I create an account?

While making a donation, you will be creating an account through the secure donation process.  You will be asked for your e-mail, and to create and confirm a password.  All of your information is only used by NTOTA.  We do not sell or share any of our information.

If you have made a donation in the past and are not sure if you created an account, but would like to make an account now, please drop us an e-mail at info@NTOTA.org.

I would like to see my donation history. How do I do that?

To see your donation history, log into your account using the e-mail and password associated with the donation.

After logging in, mouse over the donate button in the main menu.  A drop down menu will appear and you should click on Donor Dashboard.

Clicking on Donor Dashboard will take you to a window with your account and Donation History, with a menu on the left:


Donation History

Annual Receipts

Recurring Donations

Edit Profile

Your Donation History should be in view.  View each receipt by clicking on View Receipt.  A new window will take you to each receipt. View each one visually on your screen and click Download Receipt to download and print out a PDF if you wish.

I want to give a little money every month to the causes NTOTA supports. Can I do that? How do I set that up?

You can certainly donate to our causes automatically every month.

Setting up a recurring donation is easy.  After you’ve clicked on the Donate button, select the amount or fill in the custom amount you would like to donate every month, and tick the box that indicates it will be a recurring donation.  You will be prompted to fill in your information to create an account, and will receive a confirmation e-mail detailing your account and donation information.

I have a recurring donation to NTOTA now. I need to change it. How do I do that?

To modify an already existing recurring donation, simply log into the account, using the e-mail and password associated with the donation.

Roll your mouse over the Donate button, revealing the drop down menu.  From the drop down menu, select Donor Dashboard by clicking on it.

The Donor Dashboard window will appear, and there will be a menu on the left:


Donation History

Annual Receipts

Recurring Donations

Edit Profile

Select Recurring Donation and make the changes you need to make.

I want to dedicate my donation to someone as a gift. How do I do that?

  • Select a cause and donation amount.
  • After “Dedicate this Donation” select the radio button “Yes, please.”
  • Designate the type of tribute and the name of the recipient/honoree.
  • Send an e-card if you want and include a personalized message if you’d like.
  • Send it to your special someone via e-mail or send it to your own e-mail to give to them later.

I've made a donation and dedicated it to someone. Will you send a card to them for me?

We are happy to send an e-card to the e-mail address you provide as a recipient of an e-card.  But we are not sending actual paper cards to anyone at this time.