Miami Waterkeeper takes on FPL and Turkey Point Pollution

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With groundwater pollution, canal collapse, and wildlife impacts, Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point nuclear reactor is deleterious to the environment and its inhabitants alike.  Miami Waterkeeper is fighting to stop this ongoing environmental deterioration.  Florida Power and Light’s Turkey Point nuclear power plant, located less than 25 miles from downtown Miami is LEAKING CONTAMINATED WATER into the Biscayne aquifer (our drinking water supply) and into Biscayne Bay — and trying to get us to foot the bill for their $200 million pollution problem. Not only that, they are trying to run the aging Turkey Point plant for an unprecedented 80 years until the year 2052.


Please check out the Miami Waterkeeper FACT SHEET  for the full details of FPL’s enviromental damage.

Sign the Miami Waterkeeper petition to make your voice heard and be part of the solution.

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