A Home to Practice Being Wild

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NTOTA was happy to support our favorite vet, Dr. Isabelle, in her efforts to care for the injured wild animals of Belize funding a Re-Wilding Enclosure.


Historically, animals rescued from poachers or recovered from life-threatening injuries were probably going to remain in captivity, in a small enclosure or a zoo.  Most every would agree that a life of captivity is better than an early demise.  But there are other, BETTER options now, thanks to a team effort between NTOTA and Belize Wildlife and Referral Clinic (BWRC).  Not every animal is a candidate for re-wilding. But every animal who can be re-wilded now has an opportunity to be re-wilded.


sSome orphaned juveniles need intensive care and hand feeding to survive their infancy.  But as they mature, their natural instincts will develop and afford them an ability to live in the wild where they belong.  Before they can live independently in the wild, there is a period of time where they are not strong or capable enough, and require time to learn to hunt and grow strong.  That’s where the Re-Wilding Enclosure comes into play.  The enclosure is large enough to afford the animal the space to grow strong and “practice” being wild.


With this in mind, a Re-Wilding Enclosure was constructed in the remote jungles of Belize.  This enclosure affords animals meant to live in the wild a safe place to prepare for “wild life” and increases their chance at survival when released.


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